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Choose AFES

Choose us if you are passionate about flying, as flight training is an intense endeavor that requires full attention, concentration and dedication. If you are ready, AFES will provide you with the right balance of challenge and guidance, to equip you for a rewarding career in aviation.

Practice makes perfect

We value the importance of primacy and ensure that you are taught the right thing starting from day 1, giving you the skill and confidence to pilot your own aircraft. At AFES, every flight hour counts towards the perfection of your flying skills, because we believe that practice does make one perfect.

Our Fleet

We take pride as the only flight school in the country with Cessna-172s equipped with Continental diesel engines, making flying a whole lot safer. You may also choose Cessna-152, the traditional trainer aircraft with a long history in the industry.

Our Maintenance Team

Our maintenance team is second to none in the country, ensuring the safety of the crew on each and every flight.

Earn your wings

Earn your wings through the guidance and supervision of our talented team of instructors. We know that each student is unique, and our methods adjust to suit each individual. We will take you through the various stages/ratings of flight training, including: student pilot license, private pilot license and commercial pilot license, as well as the instrument rating.

Why Cebu or Davao, the Philippines.

Cebu is an ideal training ground for pilots, as it is the regional centre of the Central Visayas. It is a bustling metropolitan area with all the amenities and services of a modern city. In addition, it is a favourite tourist destination for both locals and foreigners with beautiful white beaches on the coasts with hotels, restaurants and resorts. The city also has historic landmarks, cinemas, theatres and practically everything else. Cebu also serves as a take-off point to nearby airports, such as Tabgilaran, Ormoc, Dumaguete, and other towns in the Visayas region. Pilot training in Cebu makes full use of the air traffic control, instrument landing aids, and night flying facilities hosted at the Mactan Cebu International Airport. This enables us to cater to all aspects of pilot training. Davao City, in the island of Mindanao, is the third largest city in the Philippines after Cebu. It also offers the convenience of city life and is a gateway to the surrounding provinces. Discover the Philippines through AFES.

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Webinars are conducted every third Saturday of the month at 10am.


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