All About Landing Safely – Experts airplane landing Tips

All About Landing Safely – Experts airplane landing Tips

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Taking off and landing are considered two of the riskiest moments in flying. However, with proper training and constant practice, you can easily master how to land a plane safely. The great thing about landing is that it’s all the simple things that actually matter. If you can just observe simple rules and undertake a few simple steps, then you are guaranteed safe landing even if you are not an experienced pilot. In case you want to know all about landing safely, here are some tips to remember:

Inform the Ground Crew You’re Landing

It is important to maintain clear communication with the airport crew at the watch tower. Landing of planes in an airstrip or even in an emergency is often a coordinated process between the pilot and the communications tower at the airport. In that case, before you put on the landing gears, make sure you have clearly communicated with the ground crew so that they can coordinate the landing without any incident.

Weather Conditions Must Be Good

Landing during bad weather can be very dangerous and in fact, a lot of pilots are often asked to take extra caution during bad weather. In case you have no choice but to do the airplane landing maneuver in bad conditions, the first thing to do is to make sure you have a clear vision of the runway as you approach. If for some reasons you can’t see the run way, then you should circle the airport until the weather clears or land elsewhere. When it comes to aviation safety, is often the number one concern and if weather conditions don’t allow it, then there is no need to gamble.

Many pilots often learn the landing techniques with time. However, if you can start practicing with smaller planes, then you can build enough skills to land even larger commercial airplanes. In any case though, approaching the runway and touching down perfectly is not a matter of luck. It’s a technique that needs to be horned for the safety of the pilot, the crew, and the passengers on board the plane.

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