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Why is it safer to travel by air than by land?

Photo Credit: Why is it safer to travel by air than by land? From safe air travel tips to air travel safety briefings during flights, it could be easily deduced that it is indeed a safer mode of transportation, despite being thousands of feet in the air. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons to persuade you to think otherwise. Airplane Design The world’s commercial airliners have accumulated an estimated number of one billion flight hours which provided the airline industry with records and a steady stream of information that is used to constantly improve the design of airplanes and engines. Today, manufacturers know what happens in the real flight scenario, which prompts refinements that may make a genuine difference in safety and design. Airline technology Compared with your car’s latest technology, airline technology makes motor vehicles look like vessels from the Stone Age in comparison as technology on airplanes controls almost the entire flight. For instance, planes can detect turbulence and can predict the general behavior of the turbulence. Also, runway safety technology communicates between planes to warn pilots if there may be another incoming plane. These technological improvements control all aspects of flying and the responsibility of a pilot to steer a plane is almost obsolete. Most planes today feature electronic controls that have replaced outdated mechanical controls. Rigorous pilot training Pilots go through rigorous training and certification processes. Many pilots are retired members of the Air Force plus, one must go to flight school and receive a pilot’s license. Most airline companies also require pilots to attend at least 2 years of college. Air traffic control...

Thoughts to Ponder on How to Become a Pilot in Davao

It is a fact that every school envisions transforming students into competent individuals and these transformed individuals will be sought by Airline companies in the future. In line with your dream, you may consider Davao City as one of the pilot-training hubs in the country.

Soaring has no Limit with the Best Cebu Flying School

Looking for a qualified Philippine Aviation School? Well, Cebu city can be highlighted as a significant “pilot-training hub” which offers a pool of competent instructors and state-of-the-art machines. A Cebu flying school is committed to transform student’s skills in running and operating complex machines and at the same time attune them in manoeuvring sophisticated planes.

Discovering Flying School in Cebu

Are you aspiring to become a pilot someday and have been surfing in the internet about Philippine Flying School for quite some time? Are you dreaming of manoeuvring a computer-generated plane and have an overview of skyscrapers while closely encountering clouds? If you are, it is a must to try the state-of-the-art technology of Flying School in Cebu wherein features include control boards that perfectly mimicked the real one and sets the mode similar with the actual environments and conditions whether daytime or night time.

Commercial Pilot Course vs. Private Pilot Course Cebu Has to Offer: What’s the Difference?

You may have your own plane or you just really like flying planes. You may also have that burning desire to make aviation as your career. So the question is, which course is the best one for your needs? More importantly, is there such thing in Cebu City? Yes, there is a course that fits your needs and yes there is such a thing in Cebu City. These are Private Pilot Course and Commercial Pilot Course.

Cebu Instrument Flight Rules Course in a Nutshell

This course is an integral factor in every pilot’s transformation. Thus, you have to allocate an ample time in evaluating the propensity of your school and its program in terms of their level of impact to your chosen career. Again, this course goes beyond the usual theoretical discussion because it talks more about the specific guidelines to be applied while operating an aircraft while the visual cues outside are remote.

Why You Should Consider Careers in the Aviation Industry

Aviation schools come handy in providing learners with the important skills and knowledge needed to make sure they become experienced and educated professionals. In case you have a dream of joining the aviation industry, you have to make sure you are getting the necessary qualifications from some of the best schools.

A Basic Guide on How to Become a Better Pilot

If you wish to become a better pilot, you must be versatile and receptive in your way of thinking. You must not get stuck on a certain idea and you must be willing to learn from others. Today, even younger individuals have resourceful suggestions that can assist you to improve yourself.

Flight Instructor Requirements- What You Need To Know

There are many flight training courses for everyone. In light of this, see which field you would like to focus on before enrolling into the flight school. For you to succeed as a pilot, it is essential to remain focused and determined in the entire learning period. Additionally, you must be willing to learn from others. You should also spare some time to do research in the specified field.

Why Seek a Career in Aviation?

Professionals in aviation also make very good salaries. Air travel is not cheap and the few airlines available in the Philippines make really good profits. This ensures that they have enough resources to pay employees amazing salaries. Good pay is actually one of the major advantages of being in the aviation industry and if you are looking to secure a bright financial future for you and your children, then you should get into aviation.

Why Is It Safer to Travel by Air than by Land?

There are safe air travel tips that must be followed in order to ensure the safety of every passenger. These tips have been formulated in order to ensure every passenger gets to their destination safely. Pilots are trained for years before they can be allowed to carry passengers and cargo. From the cabin air to the plane seats to the altitude of the flight and the course, every single resolution in aviation usually comes after heedful consideration of its impact on air travel safety.

Aviation Careers: Exploring Your Options

The foundation of aviation careers is always going to be hinged on the kind of course the person has. If you want to have enough skills to compete with others in aviation, then you must get high quality training from recognized aviation training institutes. People who are well trained in this industry tend to get the best aviation job and as such, it is better to invest on your training today for a better future tomorrow.

Understanding the Aviation Industry in the Philippines

Understanding the aviation industry is very important before you decide to become a pilot. The pay packages in the aviation industry increase over the years. Additionally, you will also benefit greatly from different perks like yearly bonuses, life insurance, vacation pay and travel pay. Most aviation companies provide these bonuses on specific pre-conditions, for instance working on a fixed time.

All About Landing Safely – Experts airplane landing Tips

Landing of planes in an airstrip or even in an emergency is often a coordinated process between the pilot and the communications tower at the airport. In that case, before you put on the landing gears, make sure you have clearly communicated with the ground crew so that they can coordinate the landing without any incident.