Do Aircraft Have Key for Ignition?

Do Aircraft Have Key for Ignition?

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When boarding an aircraft, one’s imagination may wonder about the complex processes that go behind the massive vehicle. Specifically, many people wonder how pilots turn on their airplanes.


Smaller planes like the Cessna 172 still use keys for the ignition. These private jets are usually parked in private areas that do not have the same level of security that airports have. Surprisingly, most passenger aircraft do not have keys for ignition. Airplanes are that are being used by commercial airlines, like the ones manufactured by Boeing and Airbus, are started without the use of a key. One funny thing is that some people actually believe that aircraft require a huge key because of its size. Now you know that this isn’t the case.


How do plane engines start if there are no keys?

It’s reasonable to think that all motorized vehicles, including airplanes, require a key for the ignition. But since we already told you that they actually don’t, how do pilots turn on the engine? Basically, the startup procedure for commercial aircraft involves a number of switches, buttons, and knobs/dials that need to be activated in the proper sequence. The process varies from aircraft to aircraft and pilots have been trained to study and master each of them with precision.


Why do planes have such a complicated startup process?

You may be wondering why plane manufacturers make the process so intricate. Why can’t they just combine all those things into one single “Start” button to expedite your flight? The answer simply boils down to safety. If an airplane only has one button for ignition, then the pilots can only assume that all systems are good and no issues are present. This can be dangerous.


With individual controls, the pilot and the co-pilot can make sure that every system is properly and sufficiently powered. This verification process makes flying a lot safer for everyone on board.



The next time you board a commercial jet, you now know that the planes do not have keys for ignition. In its place, a complex and delicate system is used. This makes your flight a whole lot safer.


Do Aircraft Have Key for Ignition?

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