Everything You Need to Know about the Flight Dispatcher Course in Cebu

Everything You Need to Know about the Flight Dispatcher Course in Cebu

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You may be familiar with the pilots, the stewards and stewardesses up in the plane, but there is a group of people on the ground that ensures these planes’ safety. These are the Flight Dispatchers.

Flight Dispatchers assist in planning flight paths, considering aircraft performance and weight, weather and turbulence forecasts, and ground conditions at the destination as well as anticipating alternate airports. They are also responsible in guiding the pilots if conditions or paths change. Though mostly working just behind-the-scenes, they play a critical role in air travel as they keep everyone and everything in the plane out of harm’s way.

Interested? Well the good news is there is a Cebu Flight Dispatcher Course.As a sneak peek of its very thorough coursework, topics such as Meteorology, Aeronautical Information Systems, Navigation, Communications, Aviation Regulations, and Aircraft and Engine Performance, Air Traffic Control and Instrument Approach Procedures are covered.

If you live in Cebu or somewhat near to the area and if you are interested on how to be a flight dispatcher,then you have come to the right place. Here we shall attempt to list everything you need to know about the Flight Dispatcher Course in Cebu.

Flight Planning

The Cebu airport in Mactan is one of the busiest airports in the country and it takes a very skilled flight dispatcher to plan flights to ensure smooth and efficient air traffic operations. In flight planning, weather, national events and crises, natural calamitiesand possible mechanical issues should be closely monitored. Also included is the maximum allowable weight for landing and take-off. Once the flight is completely planned, the dispatcher provides the flight plan and releases it to the flight captain. The flight dispatcher has the authority to divert, cancel, delay or change the flight plans when necessary.

Fuel Planning

Flight dispatchersmust know how to compute the fuel amount per flight to be undertaken. They have to consider at least the distance, weather, winds and some limitations on maintenance to determine how much fuel each plane will need, and to make sure that it lasts until its next stop. This means that a practical knowledge in mathematics as well as its accurate application is vital.

Weather Monitoring

The weather is a flight dispatcher’s partner in daily shifts. Asurvey of the day’s weather, a check on the visibility of the plane’s departure point as well as the weather conditions at the destination airport is part of the aircraft dispatcher’s routine. Not only that, but also, the flight dispatcher should be able to immediately advice for possible alternate airports in case the original airport is not suitable for landing. An extensive knowledge of weather and forecasting is required as an integral part of the dispatcher’s coursework in order to assure the safety and timely arrival of planes by providing accurate weather information.


Flight Dispatchers are the pilots’ eyes and ears on the ground. They are responsible for communicating with the pilot for changes in the flight plan. A flight dispatcher spends most of his/her time communicating between several pilots on the flights they are monitoring. Dispatchers have to tell their pilots information related to navigation, weather, destination airport conditions, and the like to ensure safe travel. Vital information such as safety hazards or changes that can come up without warning is communicated to the pilot through the dispatcher.

As you can see, aircraft dispatchers are extremely important in the aviation industry. Without them, safety, security and flight efficiency would be at risk. If you are now fascinated on becoming one ofthe silent heroes of aviation,look into a Flight Dispatcher Course in Cebu right away. Also, the next time you are on a flight, remember that there is somebody directing your plane and ensuring that you get there safe and on time.

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