Female Pilots

Female Pilots

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There are many industries that are characterized by their complexity, importance, and meaningfulness. Medicine, finance, and technology are three examples, and in those three, women have been playing such crucial roles. Aviation is also an important field, but the roles of women in this field seem to be more obscure despite their decisive contributions.

It is time to change that. As aviation continues to progress, women must be recognized as much as their male colleagues for all the great things they’ve done for the industry.

Notable Women in Aviation

History was made when Emily Howell Warner, an American airline pilot, became the first woman to regularly fly a commercial jetliner back in 1973. This was a monumental time for women who initially only dreamt of being able to enter the aviation industry as a pilot.

Prior to that, women have already been breaking stereotypes in the flight industry with their skills, intelligence, and perseverance. Bessie Coleman is well-known for being the first African-American to ever receive her license in 1921. In March 1927, Millicent Bryant became the first woman to receive her pilot’s license to fly a private jet in Australia. Katherine Sui Fun Cheung also made a memorable achievement when she received her private pilot’s license in 1932. Cheung is the first woman of Chinese descent to ever receive a pilot’s license in the US.


Between the years 2010 and 2014, there has been an increase of 800 women with the license to pilot an airliner, but overall, females only make up for 3-4% of airline pilots. Airline companies, along with the entire aviation industry, are supporting a new movement. Corporations now see the value of implementing diversification in their organization. Their decision to hire women from various age groups and racial background surely bring hope for a future where everyone can be immersed in a career that they truly love without fear of discrimination and judgment.

Female Pilots

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