How to Become a Private Pilot in the Philippines

How to Become a Private Pilot in the Philippines

Getting a pilot license is a very rewarding and fun experience. The road may be lengthy and challenging but achievable if the applicant is equipped with the right determination and perseverance. In the Philippines, there are a few aviation schools to choose from. It is within the applicant’s discretion as to what school to select but it is wise and most advisable to find the best Philippine Aviation Schools. In this article, we will be giving a quick look on the basic requirements to become a private pilot in the Philippines.

To become a licensed private pilot and be able to enjoy the benefits of being one, an applicant has to go through many steps which include passing and excelling in the 6-month private pilot training course or the PPL course. In addition, an actual flight exam and the general exam must be successfully completed and passed. Furthermore, the basic requirements which are as follows must be met:

  • Must be 17 years old or above
  • Must pass and excel in the ATO Knowledge Test
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Must pass the ATO oral/written exams and the practical flight test
  • Must be a holder of at least a recent 3rd Class Medical Certificate

During the PPL training, there are necessary basic documents that must be submitted. The PPL course normally entails subjects, such as Civil Air Regulations, Theory of Flight, and Basic Aircraft Instruments. A flight training time must also be completed. This flight training time includes minimum of 40 hours that is divided into 20 hours of Dual Flight Guideline, 10 hours of solo flight and 10 hours of either solo or dual flight.

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