Important Parts of an Aircraft

Important Parts of an Aircraft

When most of us think of a plane, we think of the exterior of the aircraft that has the windshield, the wings, propellers and the engines. On the inside of the aircraft, most of us think of the main cabin and the cockpit. All these places are actually made up of several components. There are several pieces and parts that create an airplane and when you fly or own an aircraft, you fully understand that some of these important pieces have to be replaced once in a while. As you may have assumed there are important parts of an aircraft that might not or may have to be replaced during the lifetime of the airplane.

Aircrafts are transportation devices that are designed to move cargo and people from one region to another. Aircrafts come in different sizes and shapes depending on the mission of the airplane. For any plane to fly, the pilot must lift the passengers, the weight of the airplane itself, the cargo and the fuel. During inspections, most parts of the plane might need to be replaced by highly qualified personnel.  So what are the parts of an airplane that might need replacement?  Here they are:

The wings


Wings are the most significant lift producing part of the plane. Wings differ in design based on the purpose and type of the aircraft.



The propeller is turned by the engine and most of the time it pulls the plane through air.



Flaps are found closer to the fuselage and are the moveable section of the aircraft. Flaps enable the aircraft to fly more slowly.



Ailerons are usually used in making different turns.

The landing gear

landing gear

It is located underneath the aircraft. This gear supports the plane while it is on the ground.



The fuselage is a part of the airplane that accommodates the cargo, passengers and crew. The above highlighted are important airplane parts.

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