Important Questions to Ask before Choosing a Flight School

Important Questions to Ask before Choosing a Flight School

When it comes to selecting your aviation school, there are a number of questions that you need to ask. If you wish to become a pilot, it is essential to invest your money wisely on a quality Flight Instructor License Course. Attending a flight school is definitely expensive and as such you need to narrow down your choices.

Visit different flight schools in the Philippines, speak with flight instructors and attending learners, and inquire about their flight training program. It is not a great idea to solely depend on advertisements aviation schools post. The following are important questions that you need to ask before choosing a flight school.

Is the Aviation School Accredited?

It is essential to attend a flight school that has been accredited by the relevant government authorities. A flight school that has been accredited meets specific standards of accountability for virtually every region of operation.

What Type of Flight Training Programs Are They Offering?

When you are visiting a flight school, it is essential to ask what types of programs they are offering. You should also go around the school before meeting with the flight instructor and talk to the different staff in that specific school. Additionally, you should also ask about their level of experience. A flight school that has been in business for many years is better placed to offer you the best training program.

How Many Flight Instructors Do They Have?

This specific question is essential because it will determine the availability of the flight instructors. You should also ask how many flight instructors are available part and full time. In case most of the flight instructors are part time, it basically means they have a full time job somewhere else that will take primacy over your flight training. In light of this, you should choose a school that has the most flight instructors working fulltime.

How Many Planes Do They Have for Flight Training?

A good aviation school should have many planes readily available for flight training. If they have only few planes available, you might not be able to schedule your training program when it is most convenient for you. Having more planes available will boost your chances of scheduling at your own convenience.

How Are The Planes Being Maintained?

There is nothing more irritating than showing up for a flight training session and then you are forced to cancel because of maintenance problems. Aviation schools that have their own facility to maintain their airplanes ensure their planes are in an airworthy condition.

Do They Give Ground School Classes?

When it comes to a Commercial Pilot Course, most of the learning you will do should be on the ground. Most of the flight instructors are interested in creating flight time and as such they will leave most of the ground school classes up to the learner. A good flight school should provide their own ground school.

Do They Have a Chief Flight Instructor?

Having a chief flight instructor is a good sign because this means that the aviation school takes flight training very seriously. Aviation schools without a chief flight instructor normally have different instructors, each doing their own thing.

The above highlighted questions should help you choose the best flight training school based on your own needs and preferences.

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