Interesting Airplane Facts that You Need to Know

Interesting Airplane Facts that You Need to Know

Airplanes come in a variety of wing configurations, shapes and sizes. The wide spectrums of uses for planes include transportation of goods, research and recreation. Commercial aviation is an enormous industry that involves flying hundreds of thousands of passengers every single day. Most planes are flown by a pilot who is on board the aircraft, however some are specifically designed to be remotely controlled.  The Wright brothers initially invented the first plane in 1903. The first jet airliner was introduced in 1952.

There are several interesting facts about airplanes that could actually amaze you. There are basically two types of manufactures found in the aviation industry including aircraft component manufactures and aircraft manufacturers.  Specific aircraft manufacturers will cover different types of aircrafts while others will specialize on airliners and military jets. Pilots are very important in the aviation industry and that is why more aviation schools are being established. Pilots are highly trained individuals who fly planes from one destination to another.

Most planes are made by companies with the aim of producing them in big numbers for consumers. The planning process and design can last up to 4 years or longer for bigger planes. During the construction process, the design specifications and objectives of the airplane are established. The construction company uses equations and drawing, wind tunnel tests, experience and simulations to predict the behavior of the airplane. Companies use computers to plan, draw and do initial simulations of the airplane. Mockups and small models of certain parts of the airplane are tested in wind tunnels in order to verify its aerodynamics.

If you are really interested about aircraft, you can do research online in order to find out airplane facts you don’t know about. Airplanes have very flexible wing surfaces which stretch across the frame. Bigger planes have rigid wing surfaces which offer additional strength. Whether rigid or flexible, most wings have a stronger frame that gives them their shape. Early plane’s engines had very little power and the shape and number of the wings greatly differ on various types of planes.

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