Private Pilot Vs Commercial Pilots

Private Pilot Vs Commercial Pilots

Most individuals are not sure which course to take in order to become pilots. Others also wonder whether they need to possess a certain degree. In order to become a pilot, one must get a license and a certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). Additionally, it is imperative to earn a certificate from the Aviation Training Organization (ATO). Here is a quick guide for: Private Pilot

To become a pilot, it is necessary to fully learn the difference between a private pilot and a commercial pilot. A person aspiring for a commercial pilot license has to become a private pilot first.

A private pilot is a person who holds a private pilot license which permits the person to fly an aircraft for enjoyment and private purposes. A private pilot can rent an aircraft or carry passengers but is never allowed to get any compensation for their pilot services. This simply implies that, unlike a commercial pilot, a private pilot can neither be hired nor get paid for flying. The requirements of being a private pilot include being 17 years of age and being able to write, speak, read and understand the English language.

The main requirement of being a commercial pilot is a private pilot license. Additionally, a person must be 18 years of age and have a good command of the English language. A commercial pilot is authorized to get paid for and earn a living from flying an aircraft and carrying passengers. You can also choose to become either a charter pilot, a cargo pilot or a flight instructor.

There are different types of commercial pilot licenses for every kind of aircraft, such as single engine, sea-planes, multi-engine and many others, depending on the holder’s qualification. A commercial pilot license is issued by the governing aviation authorities after an aspirant has successfully completed the training and met the necessary requirements.

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