Safety Tips for Air Travel

Safety Tips for Air Travel

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Whether it is your first time or your nth time in riding a plane, several air travel safety rules such as the following list of air travel safety tips should always be kept in mind. In case you’ve forgotten, here are the basics.

  1. Study the passenger safety card thoroughly so that the information is fresh in your mind.
  2. Listen when the flight attendant gives the safety briefing.
  3. Know where the emergency exits are. It is best to count the rows between your seat and the exit row, so you could find it if the cabin gets dark or smoke-filled.
  4. Immediately locate the flotation device from your seat.
  5. In case of fire, bend down close to the floor and move away from the fire and smoke. Also, place a wet handkerchief over your nose and mouth to help you breathe better.
  6. Put your luggage in the overhead bin across the aisle from you so that you can see that no one is opening your luggage during the flight.
  7. The safest seating is on the exit aisle in the back of the airplane as it is usually farthest from impact and farthest from explosive fuel.
  8. Keep your seat belt fastened. Keeping the belt on when you are seated provides that extra protection you might need to help you avoid injuries when the plane experiences turbulence.
  9. Don’t bring any hazardous materials. The basic hazardous materials that are not allowed on the plane are gasoline, corrosives and poisonous gases unless they were allowed by the airline and stored in a proper container.
  10. Reduce alcohol intake. The atmosphere in an airliner cabin is pressurized so any alcohol you consume will affect you more strongly than when at sea.
  11. Dress sensibly. The best clothing to wear on a plane is made of breathable cotton or wool blends. Dress in comfortable clothes which help you move quickly if you ever need to, but which also protect your skin from exposure to friction or flame. Ladies, avoid wearing heels, flip-flops, skirts and stockings.
  12. When an emergency strikes, it is very important not to panic. In the unlikely event that you are involved in an emergency situation, follow the directions of the flight crew and exit the aircraft as quickly as possible.

These may be a handful to remember, but the important thing is to get the gist of these safety tips for air travel and you’re good to go!

Safety Tips for Air Travel

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