Some Cool Facts About Planes

Some Cool Facts About Planes

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You already know that planes fly and they take us to places, but do you know that there are some interesting facts about airplanes don’t know about? Read on for the top cool facts about planes from various sources (i.e., Reader’s Digest, DailyMail Online, Travel and Leisure and Fact Retriever).

  1. The long, thin body of an aircraft is called the fuselage, and at the end of the fuselage is where the pilots man the plane, which is called the cockpit.
  2. Aircraft wings feature a shape called an airfoil which is designed to create lift as the plane moves through the air.
  3. As the airplane flies, the air pressure below and above the wings is different, which keeps the airplane airborne. This difference of pressure is termed as “lift.”
  4. The little hole in the airplane window is necessary to regulate cabin pressure. Airplane windows are made up of multiple panels, so the hole helps the middle panel from becoming stressed with pressure during flight.
  5. When a plane lands at night, cabin crews will dim the interior lights, since in the event that the landing goes badly and evacuating passengers will have their eyes already be adjusted to the darkness.
  6. White lines in the sky that follow the plane’s trail are called vapor trails or contrails, which is the result of fuel being burned; it produces carbon dioxide and water, which condenses into tiny droplets behind a plane in the air.
  7. The internet and on-line check-in was first used by Alaska Airlines in 1999.
  8. Airplanes are lightning-proof.
  9. There are about 200,000 flights airborne every day, across the world.
  10. The Antonov AN-225 cargo jet is the largest plane in the world, with a height of 84 meters and a weight of 285,000 kilograms.
  11. The world’s fastest airliner is the Concorde,which was built by British and French engineers. It was considered the most successful commercial supersonic airplane.
  12. Qantas Airlines is considered the world’s safest airline, as it has zero fatalities on record to date.
  13. Qantas Airlines is also the first airline to invent the business class seating in 1979.
  14. The world’s oldest airline is Dutch carrier KLM, which was established in 1919.
  15. And finally, most commercial pilots are not paid monthly but by their number of flying hours.

The list may not be long, but these important facts about airplanes are the ones you may have encountered and had always been curious about.

Some Cool Facts About Planes

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