What You Need to Know About a Flight Dispatcher Course

What You Need to Know About a Flight Dispatcher Course

A flight dispatcher and a pilot work together; one from the ground and one from the air, on several shared responsibilities. Normally, these responsibilities include calculating the needed amount of fuel for a trip, coordinating flight plans, taking wind and weather into account, and ensuring the safe passage of an aircraft in compliance with CAAP regulations.  Before you decide to pursue a flight dispatcher course, you must understand its duties. You might wonder what flight dispatchers do, so here are some answers.

A flight dispatcher is fully responsible for making sure that safety instructions are followed during a flight. You must also know what patterns of weather to expect and how you can work around them. Additionally, you must also determine how much fuel will be required for a flight. This is a significant position and it comes with a lot of responsibilities, so it is important to do a little bit of research so that you know what being a flight dispatcher entails. Getting a flight dispatcher course from a certified FAA flight dispatcher aviation school is a great step. A college background in meteorology and air transportation is a plus to prospective students.

Enrolling in a flight dispatcher course in Cebu is easy. Courses allow you to learn about navigation systems, flight planning, plotting charts, fuel requirements and other important skills needed for the job. You should know that training programs are intense and rigorous. They comprise of 200 hours of training and lasts from five to six weeks.

Some schools, like Adventure Flight Education and Sports offer financial aid. You should prepare adequately for the aircraft dispatcher certification exam by taking advantage of any regular exams administered by the flight school in which you have enrolled. Don’t forget to spare enough time to study. You can apply for a job position as a flight dispatcher with different airlines. Even though the salaries might differ, they are always high. Make sure you enroll in a school that is well known and has the necessary equipment. Visit and contact us today for more information about the courses we are offering!  

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