What You Need to Know about Becoming a Pilot in the Philippines

What You Need to Know about Becoming a Pilot in the Philippines

If you want to become a pilot, there are specific requirements that must be met. For example, you must have a license and certificate from the civil aviation authorities of the Philippines. Apart from that, it is essential for you to pass the Aviation Training Organization prerequisites to hold a certificate. If you have been licensed as a private pilot, you can fly and operate an aircraft for pleasure and private purposes. It is important to note that as a private pilot you cannot be hired to fly a plane. For you to become a commercial pilot it is vital for you to be licensed as a commercial pilot. Once you are licensed as a commercial pilot, you can be paid to fly an aircraft to either carry passengers or cargo.

The following are important requirements for you to become a private pilot:

For you to become a licensed private pilot, you must undergo the PPL training Philippines course. The course takes up to six months and you must pass it. The following are the requirements for becoming a private pilot:

  • You must be 17 years of age and above.
  • You must be fluent in English.
  • You must have a 3rd Class Medical Certificate.
  • You must pass the ATO Knowledge Test.
  • You must also pass the ATO Oral Examination and Practical Flight Test.

The following are some of the subjects that are covered in the private pilot training course:

  • Theory of flight
  • Civil air regulations
  • Power plant
  • Air traffic communications and control
  • Basic aircraft performance
  • Basic weight and balance
  • Basic meteorology
  • Basic air navigation

Basic Requirements to Become a Commercial Pilot

For you to become a commercial pilot, you must be certified as a private pilot first. You must also pass an actual flight exam and general knowledge exam after your CPL training Philippines course. The following are some of the basic requirements to become a commercial pilot:

  • You must be 18 years of age and above.
  • You must hold a Private Pilot Certificate.
  • You must have a valid 1st Class Medical Certificate.
  • You must be fluent in English.
  • You must also pass the ATO Knowledge Test.
  • You must pass the Oral Examination and the ATO Practical Flight Test.

Majority of flight schools and aviation schools in the Philippines also accept foreign students who wish to go to commercial pilot training. Same requirements and qualifications are requested before the admission. However, additional immigration requirements for the foreign students are also needed.

Important Reasons Why You Should Train in the Philippines

Commercial pilot training in the Philippines is more affordable and covers longer hours of flight which definitely benefits any pilot learner to develop airplane and aircraft flying skills. The pilot and aviation license in the Philippines is recognized in different International Civil Aviation Organization.

Most Commercial Pilot Training Course Philippines has to offer cover two major courses – the flight course and the ground course. If you are a licensed commercial pilot, you can enjoy several benefits. You can be paid to carry passengers and you can be greatly compensated compared to other professionals. Additionally, you can also become a flight instructor. The demand for commercial pilots in the Philippines is rising every year. It is advisable to begin in your domestic airline companies to enhance your skills. Commercial pilots who have logged the greatest number of flying hours utilizing sophisticated and modern equipments are given the most priority by major airline companies.

Being a pilot may be thrilling, but in real sense it is a hard job. Before joining a flight school for a Private Pilot Training Course Philippines offers, it is important to consider the above highlighted factors. It is advisable to check online and compare the different training programs offered by different flight schools in the Philippines. A good flight school should have the necessary facilities and equipment. Apart from that, their flight instructors should be highly trained and have the necessary skills.

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